Pallaso’s show gained popularity because of me – Alien Skin brags

June 9, 2023

Up and about singer Alien Skin has bragged about making fellow singer Pallaso’s concert very popular.

He said before, no one was talking about it but when he decided to stage his own on the same date, people got to know about Pallaso’s.

Pallaso announced that he will be holding a concert in June at the beginning of the year 2023. But there wasn’t morale in it as he lacked sponsors and promoters to work with.

He had got some misunderstandings with the city promoters like Abitex last year and the two wouldn’t work together.

Last month as Pallaso was rehearsing for his concert, he unfortunately couldn’t control his temper as he ended up fighting with Alien Skin.

He beat him up demanding for respect and the fight made headlines in the media for several days. Abitex saw an apportunity in that for business as he decided to also do Alien Skin’s concert on the same date.

Fans have been talking about the concerts and wondering where they will go on Friday.

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With that talk around town, Alien Skin credits himself that if it wasn’t because of him, Pallaso’s show wouldn’t be known anywhere.

Alien Skin said he wishes he had kept quiet because Pallaso’s doesn’t have a hit song this year so far.

“Pallaso show has gained popularity because of me, who was talking about it before I came in the mix? I don’t even want to talk about somebody that has no hit song this year” – AlienskinUg