Big Eye Starboss pelted with bottles at Alien Skin’s concert (Video)

June 10, 2023

Singer Big Eye Starboss is facing hate again as fans throw bottles at him while performing live on stage.

This happened at Freedom city yesterday during Alien Skin’s concert.

Big Eye has been harrassed by fans for some time. It all started when he decided to join politics and side with the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Fans were not happy as they wanted him to support a fellow singer who was also contesting as a president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

When politics ended and Big Eye was still not allowed to perform on any stage, he decided to apologise to fans telling them they should let him sing because that’s the only way he can earn money.

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He was also accompanied with security and slowly by slowly fans got over throwing bottles at him, they let him perform again.

All that came to an end yesterday when he got on stage to perform at Alien Skin’s concert.

Fans from all corners of the concert resumed their actions as they thrower thousands bottles at him. He didn’t even manage to finish his performance.

Despite the security that was their and now Big Eye doesn’t know reasons why fans have started acting the way they are doing again.

Here is the video;