Kasuku finally speaks about the life of Kato Lubwama

June 9, 2023

Spark TV presenter Kasuku has finally spoken about the life of the late Kato Lubwama and their last moments together.

He said the two spoke on phone few hours before he was announced dead. They had an interview the next morning.

Kasuku and Kato Lubwama used to work together on YouTube. They were always shooting and talking about different issues in Uganda and post them on social media.

They also used to have fun as friends, laugh and dance together something that kept the internet and people using it entertained.

Unfortunately, Kato Lubwama died without even getting sick. He was fine doing interviews but in just a short period of time, he got a heart attack and ended up breathing his last.

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According to Kasuku, hours before hos death they talked and Kato Lubwama was concerned about his friend Hon Munyagwa.

He told Kasuku that he had been trying his phone but no one was picking. He didn’t have any knowledge that Munyagwa was arrested and taken to Luzira.

When Kasuku told him the news, hr sounded outraged and sad. That might have been the cause of his attack that ended his life.

Kasuku also said Kato Lubwama was a very reliable, realistic person and the entertainment industry is going to miss him with the gap he has left behind.

“Uncle Kato was the greatest realist i have ever seen. He was not only down to earth but also open minded, as well as creative.” Kasuku paints a picture of the Kato Lubwama he knew.