Pallaso Thumps Alien Skin Like A Child | VIDEO

May 29, 2023


Pallaso is not a joking subject! He taught unruly singer, Mulwana Patrick aka Alien Skin a lesson he will never forget.

Alien Skin sang ‘Sitya Danger’ (I don’t fear danger) and carries himself as fearless bad man.

Today, Pallaso humbled him like a child as he unleashed heavy slaps on him.

Alien Skin

In a video shared on social media, Pallaso and Alien Skin got embroiled in an argument and the Malamu singer can be heard telling ‘Nkwacho’ lover that this is not about winning but respect before unleashing heavy slaps on him.

Watch Pallaso thumping Alien Skin:

Standing one on one, Pallaso looked a giant on Alien Skin and the ‘sitya danger’ star coiled histail as he pleaded for mercy.

Pallaso who was angry did not show sympathy, he thumped Alien Skin and left him crying like a baby.

After the physical altercation with Pallaso, the police arrested Alien Skin but trickly, he jumped off police car and ran to escape.