Watch Alien Skin jump off Police car in fear to be arrested (Video)

May 29, 2023

After Pallaso slapping fellow singer Alien Skin, he has continued with the game even after police picking him up.

As they were heading to the police station with him in a car, he decided to jump off and disappear in the thin air.

Alien Skin has been threatening to beat up different people especially the journalists that talk about him.

He took the same arrogance and disrespected Pallaso who is of no joke and he ended up slapping him across the face.

After slapping him they again called Police on him but he ended up jumping off while the car was moving and they didn’t follow him.

Here is the video:

Ever since Alien Skin joined the music industry he has been involved in different fights. But still he has been coming out and bragging about each of them.