Shakira Shakiraa Denies Vending Punani In The US, Reveals Her Profession

September 30, 2021
Shakira Shakiraa

Shakira Shakiraa

Singer, Shakira Kamulegeya Kyebalaba aka Shakira Shakiraa has trashed allegations that she vends punani while in the US.

While in an interview with Spark TV, Shakira Shakiraa revealed that she is a registered nurse in the US and started working an early age.

She said she has her parents are in Joe Biden’s land who have supported her since relocated to the US while still young and studied nursing.

Shakira Shakiraa who has been accused of failing Nina Roz’ marriage, insists that Daddy Andre did not view her eclipse arguing that their relationship stops at music.

Shakira Shakiraa

She disclosed that she recorded her collabo with Daddy Andre when Nina Roz was around.

But at times our snoops used to see her with Daddy Andre in the absence of Nina Roz.

Currently, Shakira says she doing music as a hobby and can always go back and practice nursing at any time she wants.

She says she has a man and happily in a relationship.

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