Sandra Teta On Why She Chose To Teach Her And Weasel’s Children Only English

April 4, 2024
Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

Singer Weasel Manizo’s wife Sandra Teta has revealed that their children only speaks English.

She said she has her reasons why she chose to teach them only the English Language yet they are around people that speaks Luganda and other languages.

Sandra and Weasel have three young children together. Whenever they are in they are heard speaking English only.

According to Sandra, her children actually don’t understand any other language. She said her and Weasel sat down and chose that for them.

She revealed that young kids who can’t speak English are funny to her and she can’t stand her children being like that.

Sandra said she also grew up speaking English and learnt other languages old. If her children are interested, they will have to learn the languages by themselves.

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“Our children only speak English not any other language. We chose to teach them that because other languages will be learnt when they are old. It is funny to me when I hear young children can’t speak English,”

It should be noted that most celebrity children speak English.