Clever J On Why He Didn’t Burry His Brother Humphrey Mayanja

April 6, 2024

Struggling singer Clever J has revealed reasons why he didn’t actually show up to burry his brother Humphrey Mayanja.

He said he was warned against getting closer to the Mayanja family and he decided to keep his boundaries.

Clever J grew up with the Mayanja brothers and they are the people that introduced him to the music industry.

But when he started singing like Jose Chameleone they got issues with him. At first the issues were kept silent but later they spoke about them.

Clever J accused the Mayanja brothers of bewitching him not to get famous like them in the music industry.

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The last time Clever J was in the media he said he went and apologized to the Mayanja family and they welcomed him back as family.

But unfortunately that was short lived, they again got issues with him to the point of not showing up when they got a problem.

According to Clever J, he is sad that he didn’t get to burry Humphrey but at the same time when he lost his mother no one showed up for burial.

“I am sad that I didn’t get to burry my brother Humphrey Mayanja. They had told me to stay away from the family and that is what I did,” Clever J said