NBS TV’s Sheila Salta, Fiance Maxim Breakup

Sheila Saltofte a.k.a Salta with fiance Maxim ‘Kizito’ Steurbaut

Sheila Saltofte a.k.a Salta with fiance Maxim ‘Kizito’ Steurbaut

NBS TV Katchup co-host, Sheila Saltofte aka Salta and fiance, Maxim ‘Kizito’ Steurbaut have broken up nine months after the pair got engaged.

The development comes after Maxim took to social media while showing off his newly acquired Mercdes Benz and revealed that he is not in good terms with Salta.

“Sheila Saltofte we not good right now, but I wish we was rolling loud together. Maybe one day again”, Maxim posted.

Maxim ‘Kizito’ Steurbaut

In October 2020, Maxim who had just returned from Belgium, took a knee and asked Saltofte to marry him.

Excited Salta jumped up and down like a happy puppy, screaming on top of her voice and she said “YES!” as Maxim wrapped the ring on her finger.

Nine months down the road, the pair’s love seem to have hit a snag.

It should be noted that Maxim and Salta have been together for close to a decade.

Sheila Salta

The reasons behind their breakup are yet to be established as Salta is yet to react to Maxim’s revelation. She often loves her privacy.

We hope they can sort their differences and make merry again.