NBS TV Reporter, Canary Mugume Goes Public Searching For Bae To Cook For Him

April 6, 2020

NBS TV reporter Canary Mugume is really suffering in this hard time of Coronavirus lockdown.

Last month we reported how Sasha Ferguson dumped Mugume after 5-years of romance and relocated to Germany where she is living with zungu lover.

Sasha dumped Mugume

Now Mugume has no one to cook for him and has cried out for help.

He went on Twitter and hinted that he needs a new gal to teach him how to fix a quick meal.

He tweeted, “I stocked food during panic shopping over covid-19, now reality has hit home.  Time to fix a quick meal of which I have no idea of. All I know is that, I have rice & chicken in the fridge. Any quick insights?”