Swangz Avenue Boss Brands UNBS Malicious For Labelling His Sanitizer Fake

April 6, 2020

Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze has branded Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) irresponsible and malicious for including his Sanitizer among the fake ones on the market.

On Thursday, UNBS listed a number of companies that are producing ‘fake’ sanitizers and Kyazze’s TUKU sanitizer was among them.


Kyazze, however, faulted the standards body for acting irresponsibly.


We moved quickly when the country needed sanitizer and diverted our soap operations to outputting sanitizer. 

We applied for UNBS standard mark. The process usually is you submit a sample and once your results are ready they are automatically sent to you. This is supposed to be tracked on the UNBS website. 

Days after we submitted our samples we got a notification that our samples had been received and results will follow on the email or tracked real-time on their website. 

To our shock this afternoon, their publicity person releases a list to the public that our product and some others didn’t pass the lab tests. We have not seen these test results, they are not shared with us as the procedure states, lab results are posted on their site in real-time as soon they are made but ours are missing. 

Usual practice:
Usually an audit report is shared with a manufacturer and they are allowed to make changes on whatever aspect of the product that UNBS is not happy with. 

1. Why wasn’t this accorded to us? 

2. Why don’t we have our audit report posted till now? 

3. Called the PR person and asked her for the results that she used as a basis for the press release, she answered “ask the director, he approved the list”

We are not asking for special treatment, we need to understand why you felt it necessary to discredit us without testing our samples? Or if you did where’s our audit report?  

To Our customers: 

The required  alcohol level for sanitizer is 60% alcohol and we have endeavored to always stay way ahead of that standard. A video below shows a random test of one of many batches at our factory reading 75% alcohol. 

It would be very dumb of us to submit a sample below what we actually produce. 

Our product is sound and we shall prove it. 

This was a very irresponsible act that hurts a small business that employees and supports families. Taking pride in hurting businesses that support the economy is cutting the branch you are seated on especially in these tough times. 

You could have put out a list of the brands that you are happy with (majority Indian businesses) and not without basis strangle us out of the market. 

We have a sound product, give us a fair chance and test our product. If the samples were lost, we are happy to submit new ones.”

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