Mudra To Join Politics, Set To Become Member Of Parliament

May 15, 2024


Singer and music writer Mudra D Viral has revealed that he set to join politics any time he leaves his music career.

He said it is his dream come true and he hopes it comes out the way he wanted it to come out.

Mudra is one of the artistes that is very versatile. He is into music and at the same time he is into business.

He was managing singer Ava Peace but the two fell out because of financial problems. He said he couldn’t support her music and she didn’t understand that.

She instead moved on to work with Jeff Kiwa, and Mudra at the time is managing a new artiste a famous TikToker and dancer Winnie Wa Mummy.

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According to Mudra, he is not going to die doing his music and he would want his music not to be played after his death.

He said his goal is to become a member of parliament and he knows he is going to really achieve it.

“I don’t want my music to be played once I’m gone. I came to work, and I’ll quit music to join politics and represent my people,”