Mudra To Face Court Charges On Fraud Case

June 8, 2024

Singer Mudra D Viral is facing court charges on fraud case against an upcoming female artiste known as Carol Sky.

The singer said she reported him to police and she hopes that she is going to get justice and her money will be paid back.

Mudra started his career as a song writer, then an artistes and now he is into talent management. He gets young people who are talented from other platforms like TikTok and want platform to be known.

The first artistes that was known to be managed by him is Ava Peace. Most of the people even thought they are dating each other yet it is just a business of an artiste and manager.

He then matters Vian music who later left the management saying he wasn’t getting what he wanted as an artiste.

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Mudra introduced a famous TikToker Winnie Wa Mummy saying she is one of the most talented artistes he has ever met.

One of the ladies he was managing got angry and reported him saying she paid him money but he used it on another artiste.

Carol Sky said police is now hunting for Mudra and hopefully he will pay for the wrongs he has done to her and other artistes.

“Mudra anoonyezebwa” Omuyimbi Carol Sky amuguddeko omusango.