Did He Do It? Jose Chameleone In Trouble Again, Accused Of Attempted R#pe

June 10, 2024

Singer Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleone has been accused of attempted r#pe of upcoming musicians known as Sencere music.

She said that she was not only tried to be raped but the singer also beat her up on numerous occasions especially in the public.

Jose Chameleone and his famous brothers like Weasel, Pallaso have a bad reputation of assault. All their relationship have struggled because of their behaviour in fighting and beating.

For Jose Chameleone, his wife of more than 15 years left him and moved to the United States of America with all their children.

She posted about their separation on social media saying she had divorced the artiste just because of the abuses she was going through as a person in presence of their children.

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The singer was also filmed beating up a boda boda guy who has scratched his car while driving.

There is a tendency going on these days of upcoming artistes exposing other musicians saying saying they are forcing them into sexual activities in order to work with them.

“Jose Chameleone is a very a bad person. We did a song together but he refused to promote it after I refused to sleep with him. He has been calling me out threatening to kill me. He even beat up in presence of other people which left me depressed,”