Mr Henrie Hits Back At Geosteady, Reveals Why He Snubbed His Concert

September 14, 2023
Geosteady (L), Mr Henrie (R)

Geosteady (L), Mr Henrie (R)

Mr Henrie, real name Arinaitwe Henry has hit back at Hassan Kigozi aka Geosteady after the singer accused him of snubbing his concert.

In 2019, Henrie took over Prima Kardashi after she separated with baby daddy Geosteady. This escalated verbal exchange as Henrie made claims to have assumed fatherly duties to Geosteady’s kids.

After parting ways with Prima Kardashi, Geosteady could not hid his joy and started crawling back to his ex.

As Geosteady prepared for his concert that took place at Hotel Africana last Friday, he did activations. Among those, he was hosted by Henrie on his YouTube channel ‘The Deep Talk With Mr Henrie’.

Geosteady (L), Mr Henrie (R)

During the show, Henry promised to attend Geosteady’s concert. But, he did not attend.

After the show, Geosteady took to social media and asked why Henrie snubbed his concert yet he had promised.

Mr Henule why didn’t you turn up for my concert bro? Yet you promised to be around


Henrie responded by saying he does things professionally.

I do things professionally what if I attended the show and I was hauled off the stage?

Henrie responded.

In another post critics say it was aimed at Geosteady, Henrie posted’ “Don’t be an angel on social media but an angel in reality. Stop preaching love when your heart is full of hate”