Liam Voice takes the sugar mummy dating style to the next level

September 14, 2023
Liam Voice

Liam Voice

Singer Liam Voice is taking the sugar mummy dating style to the next level as he advises the young boys to join him.

He said for a young man like him to have a good life, one must have a sugar rich baby by his side.

Liam Voice months ago announced that he is no longer active in the music industry after moving abroad for further studies.

Fans questioned his ability to sponsor himself and the education abroad but he had immediate answers for the fans.

The singer told his fans that he is very okay because someone is paying for his school and the way he is living abroad.

Yesterday Liam Voice posted on his social media platforms to remind his people that dating a rich white sugar mummy is necessary.

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He said there might be people who are abusing him but the reality is that money is with older women and the only way to get it from them is offering love.

Liam Voice posted photos while in aeroplane showing that he is actually living a real good life than what people think.

“Just get your self a white rich sugar baby and let life be smooth😂Kati mugenda kunyiga‼️✈️,” Liam Voice said