Motor-Mouthed Bajjo Events Arrested

Bajjo being arrested

Bajjo being arrested

Uganda Police has arrested motor-mouthed analyst and blogger, Alfonso Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo Events over cyberbullying.

Foul-mouthed Bajjo has been making reckless statements on social and broadcast media Bajjo urging the security forces to take over the government.

On top of that, he has been attacking and abusing personalities on several occasions.

Police say Bajjo will be charged under computer misuse act which criminalizes cyber bullying and offensive communication.

According to Uganda Bloggers Association president, Isma olaxess, he says Bajjo is good at analysis but sometimes emotions drive him beyond the limit.

Bajjo often makes good commentary on current affairs however, he sometimes laces it with a lot of exaggeration and I think this is what brought him trouble this time. You say police officers earn peanuts knowing that police is a wider apparatus. These statements will get you in trouble.

Isma Olaxess.

From the look of things, Bajjo will sleep in cells this night.