Mikie Wine Dumped, Shazney Khan Finds New Love

April 13, 2023
Mikie Wine and Shazney Khan

Mikie Wine and Shazney Khan

Mikie Wine real name, Michael Mukwaya aka is inconsolable after his fiancee, Shazney Khan left his home and settled with another man.

In October 2021, Shazney Khan introduced Mikie to her parents and relatives following 8 years of cohabiting. The ‘Silubada High School headmaster’ was accompanied by Bobi Wine and his wife, Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, his brothers; John, Banjo Man, Dax Vibez, close friends and family members.

Mikie Wine and baby mama Shazney Knan at their introduction

At the introduction, Mikie described Shazney as his best friend and promised her a wedding.

This love is sweet when you are loved by your friend…someone who can go an extra mile, through lots of pain and cries to put a smile on your face. Never take her for granted. Love you my bestie Shazney. Am going to Mbaga you nawe otye

Mikie Wine

At the beginning of this year, word started making rounds that Shazney Khan wanted out because she could no longer trust Mikie.

According to an insider, Shazney Khan found out that Mikie Wine secretly sired a baby boy named David Paris with side bae, Pauline Kemigisha.

This angered Shazney, who packed her belongings and left Mikie Wine’s home in Gayaza.

After learning that Shazney Khan left home, Pauline Kemigisha seized the chance and moved in with Mikie.

A fed up Shazney Khan also moved on, and last week, she paraded a new man, officially replacing Mikie Wine.

Mikie Wine (L), Shazney Khan with alleged new bae (M)

Through her Instagram stories, she made it clear that she moved on and happy. She even wished her new bae a happy birthday.

However, her break up with baby daddy seems to be depressing her. Recently she took to social media and revealed that she is sad and depressed.

It should be noted that Mikie and Shazney have two children together.

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