MC Kats bewitched Swangz Avenue Artistes – Suudi Man brings proof

August 4, 2023

Faded talent manager Suudi Man has come out claiming that media personality MC Kats real name Katamba Edwin bewitched Swangz Avenue artistes.

Swangz Avenue so far has five musicians, four ladies and one gentleman who is their latest signing.

Last year MC Kats was bitter with Swangz Avenue bosses saying they are users and they easily forgot where they started from.

According to MC Kats, he is among the few people that helped the record label to get where it is but once he asks for help it is not given to him.

Although MC Kats ceased fire and stopped taking about them, Suudi Man has come out and claimed that he bewitched the Swangz Avenue musician.

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He said all Swangz Avenue musicians are struggling even those that were doing better are no longer doing so.

Suudi Man told Swangz Avenue to apologize to MC Kats if they need peace to run their business well.

“I once listened in to McKats’ acidic interview with DJ Nimrod on Galaxy Radio about Swangz Avenue. He ( Kats) revealed that he doesn’t fear danger. He promised to be back in part two and wipe them out of business. I thought he was joking. Eight months later, Mc Kats has joins a list of managers who have bewitched their artistes never to rise again. This list includes Jeff Kiwa, Myself ( Suudi Lukwago)
Mc Kats is another level. He collapsed a whole record label. Before Swangz Avenue, their musicians were producing hits. They had Azawi, Vinka, Nwagi….added Zafaran and Elijah Kitaka..but these have all stagnated regardless of their talent and promise. I left the music fraternity long time ago but i am more prominent than these supposed stars, which is funny. Videos of me crying for my first cut Fifi Da Queen have more engagement and views than these SwangzAvenue stars. Mubutuufu…Kats Ologa. Swangz should apologise to you.” Suudi Man posted