Martha Mukisa re-starts war with Kapa Cat, calls her a failure

August 4, 2023
Martha Mukisa

Martha Mukisa

Singer Martha Mukisa has re-started her war with a fellow singer Kapa Cat. She referred to her as a failure.

Martha Mukisa and Kapa Cat were neither friends nor enemies not until few months ago when Kapa started a war against her.

By then Martha Mukisa had staged her first ever concert at Freedom city. Kapa Cat called her out saying she shouldn’t go on with the concert, she has no funs to fill up the venue.

She even said Martha Mukisa is a shame to the young musicians and she will paint a band image on them after her concert flopping.

Martha Mukisa didn’t respond to her not until yesterday when she did an interview saying Kapa Cat is a failure.

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According to the singer, she will never give Kapa Cat time because she has achieved more than Kapa. She said the two can’t even be compared at any time.

“I can’t give time to Kapa Cat because she has not done what I have done. She is just a failure trying to look for relevance through social media and attacking other people,” Martha Mukisa