No more love! Alien Skin pelted with bottles (VIDEO)

January 15, 2024
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Singer Alien Skin looks to be getting to the downfall of his music career. Fans were not vibing with him over the weekend.

There is video circulating on social media of fans throwing bottles at him while he was performing at a certain event.

Alien Skin is one of the few musicians that has been loved so much despite doing wrong. He has been involved in fights and disrespecting the media.

But still his fans have stood by his side supporting him every day and every time he comes up with the concert.

Last year Alien Skin has said that at the end of it, he will officially be retiring and focusing on other careers that include politics.

After the year ending he said he was kidding his focus is still on the music and maybe other things later.

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Although Alien Skin has been trying to keep pushing, it looks like fans are ready to welcome a new kid on the block without Alien Skin noticing.

In the video making rounds, Alien Skin was busy performing and some of the fans were enjoying his performances.

A few that were not pleased through bottles at him while on stage but he was very quick to leave the stage.

Here is the vide;