Lawyer Mabirizi to take Kyabazinga to court over illegal marriage with Jovia Mutesi

November 20, 2023

Contravertial city lawyer Male Mabirizi is set to take the Kyabazinga of Busoga Williams Nadiope Gabula IV to court over illegal marriage with his wife Jovia Mutesi.

The royal wedding happened over the weekend in Busoga region in the palace with only invited guests in attendance.

When Busoga Kingdom announced that their king had got a wife months ago, another lady who claims to be Kyabazinga’s wife came up.

She said she stays in the UK and has been with Kyabazinga as his wife for more than five years.

This lady said her and Kyabazinga are legally married in the UK and she is the person that has been funding him because he has no money.

The rumour continued on social media and the wedding preparations didn’t stop. This lady who claims to be having Kyabazinga’s children went ahead and used her lawyers to write to church so that the wedding stops but the kingdom denied it.

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Now Kyabazinga is married to Jovia Mutesi and the baby mama is still crying on social media saying she wants back the money she invested in Kyabazinga.

Although she is not getting help, Lawyer Mabirizi has stepped in and he is determined to take four people to court.

He said Kyabazinga himself will face court, his wife now Jovia Mutesi, the queen of Buganda Sylvia Najinda and Rev Kazimba Mugalu who wedded them.

“We have had several meetings and we have concluded that we are ready to take Kyabazinga, his now wife Jovia Mutesi Queen Sylvia Najinda and Rev Kazimba Mugalu to court for the illegal marriage. They all know that Kyabazinga is a married man with children but they still wedded him,” Male Mabirizi said