Alien Skin Cancels Nkwacho Festival, Falls Out With Abtex | VIDEO

August 4, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Alien Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana has cancelled Nkwacho festival slated to take place at Forest Park – Buloba on August 27.

In an interview, Alien confirmed the cancellation disclosing that promoter Abtex failed to fulfill the agreement.

He disclosed that he had plans to organise his Nkwacho Festival in Lubiri – Mengo and Abtex hijacked his plans, taking it to Buloba Forest Park.


They agreed on the amount of money, Abtex paid him deposit and agreed to clear his balance before the festival. The time they had agreed upon passed and when Alien asked for the balance, Abtex started giving excuses.

In the end Abtex asked Alien to get his team and put them at the gate to collect his balance on the day of the Festival which the ‘Sitya Danger’ singer refused.

Alien says he is now planning to organise his show because he has the capacity to stage one before aiming a dig at Abtex who calls himself ‘Telented promoter’.

Alien Skin

Alien Skin took to social media and confirmed the cancellation too.

I have decided to Put back my Nkwacho festival on loading after the so called talented Promoters tried to steal from me , nkwacho festival cancelled
#nkwachofestival loading

Alien Skin