Martha Kay Hits Back At Fatboy After Claims That Her Big Bumpa Secured Her A Range Rover

September 4, 2022
Fatboy (L) and Martha Kay (R)

Fatboy (L) and Martha Kay (R)

Martha Kay has hit back at RX Radio show proprietor James Onen aka Fatboy after he suggested that her Big Bumpa gave her a Range Rover.

Last week, Martha Kay showed off a 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport valued at about USD55,500(Approximately 210m Ugx).

Her followers, well wishers and friends congratulated her but some critics said it was a gift. Some argued that her age and the salary she earns from Nxt Radio cannot buy her a Range Rover.

Out spoken Fatboy, took to social media and made claims that Martha Kay’s Big Bumpa secured her a Range Rover.


Is education even necessary when just having big bums can give you this: Hard Work??? Sorry, but there is simply NO WAY that Martha Kay bought that Range Rover with her own money. Stop playing now

Fat Boy

Fed up Martha Kay immediately hit back at Fat Boy branding him a hater. She also told him that he doesn’t have to hate on little girls for clout.

Martha Kay showing off her Range Rover

I used to hear about/listen to Fatboy as a child in primary school. Reading his posts about me and all the hate/bitterness he expresses teaches me one thing; Keep working hard to create such peace and happiness so you don’t have to hate on little girls for clout

Martha Kay Tweeted

Martha Kay and her love for Range Rover:

Martha earned herself a name ‘Range Rover Girl’ in 2016 after her comic clip went viral while expressing her love for a Range Rover.

Martha Kay, who was then in her last year at campus, almost got knocked down by a Range Rover and she did a hilarious video narrating her experience. This video changed her life forever.

Since then, she focused her dream on securing a Range Rover and after a mini vacay in Nairobi Kenya, Martha returned with a Range Rover UBH series.

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