Martha Kay Finally Secures Dream Car, Range Rover Sport | PHOTOS

August 31, 2022
Martha Kay

Martha Kay

Socialite, Martha Kagimba aka Martha Kay is living her dream after securing a 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport valued at about USD55,500(Approximately 210m Ugx) before tax.

Martha Kay earned herself a name ‘Range Rover Girl’ in 2016 after her comic clip went viral while expressing her love for a Range Rover.

Martha Kay

Martha Kay, who was then in her last year at campus, almost got knocked down by a Range Rover and she did a hilarious video narrating her experience. This video changed her life forever.

Since then, she focused her dream on securing a Range Rover and after a mini vacay in Nairobi Kenya, Martha Kay returned with a Range Rover UBH series.

The bubbly Actress and Radio presenter shared photos of herself standing next to the white Range Rover and others while sitting inside it yesterday.

In the caption, Martha Kay revealed how she could not believe that she was a new owner to her dream car.

“Can’t believe you’re here, somanyi nakumanya” she wrote on Instagram.

Martha Kay has been craving for a Range Rover, in 2019 she pleaded with well wishers to gift her on her birthday.

May this be the year that I finally get a Range Rover as a birthday gift

Martha Kay posted in may 2019.

Now that she has secured one, we hope she lives happily forever. We are still digging deep