Close Friend Reveals Top Secret On How Arrest Sipapa As Police Intensify Hunt

September 5, 2022


As police intensifies hunt to arrest and bring to book city socialite, Charles Olim aka Sipapa, a friend has revealed top secret on how to get him.

Over the years, Sipapa has been labelled a top city bulgar but people who admire his lifestyle refused to accept.

After parting ways with Brown Shugar, she disclosed that Sipapa is a thief and used to bring home used house items; TVs, laptops, phones among many others.

Brown Shugar with Sipapa
Brown Shugar with Sipapa

Last week, Sipapa shared an Emirates air ticket and revealed he was flying to Dubai. He even posted a photo of a Jeep that he intended to buy.

On return to Uganda, he donated food items worth millions to his district people of Soroti and Tororo.

Today, the police announced he is wanted for robbing a South Sudanese national, Jacob Arok of Kawuku zone, in Bunga.

Police says Sipapa and his colleagues robbed cash USD 429,000, 4 iPhone, 2 Apple laptops, a DELL laptop, gold Jewellery for his wife, a 65” Sumsung TV among others.

They have intensified efforts to arrest him but his close friend who preferred anonymity, told us that he only way to arrest Sipapa is to remove his headband.

He says, Sipapa has evaded arrest and death thanks to his headband which shelters juju he received from a top witchdoctor.

Police on Sipapa’s robbery:

The CID task team at KMP, that is actively investigating a robbery that occurred at the home of Jacob Arok, a South Sudanese National, of Kawuku zone, in Bunga, on the night of 28th – 29th August 2022, managed to locate the home of the suspects, where they recovered exhibits of evidential value. The facts gathered indicate that on the night of 28th – 29th, August, 2022, a group of thugs broke into the home of the victim, after applying suspected chloroform, on the occupants who were asleep. The thugs ransacked the home and robbed cash USD 429,000, 4 iPhone, 2 Apple laptops, a DELL laptop, gold Jewellery for his wife, a 65” Sumsung TV among others.


During the subsequent investigations, detectives from KMP, tracked down an iCloud signal, from one of the stolen IPhones, that led them to the location in Kityo close, Buwate in Kira Division. They interviewed the occupants, who told them that the home belonged to a one Olimu Charles SIPAPA, who was not at home and had travelled to Tororo. A thorough search was conducted in the home, in the presence of Nakiyimba Shamira, the wife to SIPAPA and exhibits of evidential material, allegedly stolen from the home of Arok Jacob, recovered. These include; USD 70,000, 4 Iphones, 3 laptops, gold jewellery, an iphone charger, a mac pro charger. Also recovered were two registration number plates, UBG 025B and UBA 023U, in addition, an assortment of car accessories were recovered which include; 2 amplifiers, 6 tool boxers, 4 sports vims, a rear car seat, 12 head lights, indicators, jeep bumper, V8 bumper, V8 rear boot doors, bonnet, 3 radiators, 4 inner door shutters, V8 rear boot doors, 7 grills, two cars a jeep and Audi, without registration plates, had been resprayed with a red colour and found in the compound.

So far 4 suspects are in custody including the wife. A serious manhunt for SIPAPA who is urgently needed for questioning, in place. His last locations were in Nagongera, Soni and Nawire sub counties, where he was distributing money in the company of bouncers.

Sipapa's wife, Shamilah has been arrested
Sipapa’s wife, Shamilah has been arrested

We are therefore, appealing for information that can lead to the whereabouts or arrest of SIPAPA over the alleged Aggravated Robbery. He is aware of the police efforts and is evasive. We also want to warn the bouncers in his company, whom we shall find with him, that we shall arrest them for abetting crime and harbouring a wanted criminal suspect.

Although the impact of the robbery can be long lasting and devastating, we would like to assure the victim’s that our dedicated team of investigators are doing everything within their means to have the prime suspect and his accomplices arrested and brought to justice.

SCP Enanga Fred