Mark Asiimwe Reveals Why He Dumped Robin Kisti | Kisiyaga, Weed, DNA In The Mix

October 5, 2022
Robin Kisti introduced Mark Asiimwe In November 2021

Robin Kisti introduced Mark Asiimwe In November 2021

Over the weekend, word started spreading that Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti and baby daddy, Mark Asiimwe had parted ways.

At the beginning of this week, Kisti confirmed that she parted ways with Asiimwe claiming that he he did was unforgiveable. From her talk, it seems Asiimwe thumped her.

Robin Kisti and Mark Asiimwe

In an interview, Kisti said she did all a woman could to sustain the relationship but failed. She revealed that she was richer than Asiimwe and used to do everything.

Since her claims, Asiimwe has come out to defend him self and spilled the beans.

Robin Kisti and Mark Asiimwe

Asiimwe said he was trapped in a relationship and not sure whether he is the true father to their child.

She revealed that Kisti is an addict who smokes week like chimney. That she also sold his PlayStation worth 12m to buy weed.

He also dropped a bombshell that Kisti’s brother is a ‘Musiyazi’ and wanted to munch him.

An insider intimated to us that Asiimwe is now looking for money to fund the DNA test in bid to cut all ties with Kisti.

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, Mark Asiimwe visited Robin Kisti’s parents in a traditional ‘Kukyaala’ ceremony.

Before the ‘Kukyala’ ceremony, the former NTV ‘Login Extra’ presenter and Mark Asiimwe had dated for two years.

According to Kisti, they were planning an introduction and wedding in January 2022 because she wanted most of her family members to attend since they stay abroad.

But all flopped after the pair started having arguments.