Robin Kisti Dumps Mark Asiimwe, Kicks Him Out Of Rental

October 3, 2022
Robin Kisti introduced Mark Asiimwe In November 2021

Robin Kisti introduced Mark Asiimwe In November 2021

Former NTV ‘Login Extra’ presenter, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti has dumped baby daddy, Mark Asiimwe and kicked him out of rental after a nasty fight.

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, Mark Asiimwe visited Robin Kisti’s parents in a traditional ‘Kukyaala’ ceremony.

Before the ‘Kukyala’ ceremony, the former NTV ‘Login Extra’ presenter and Mark Asiimwe had dated for two years.

Robin Kisti and Mark Asiimwe

According to Kisti, they were planning an introduction and wedding in January 2022 because she wanted most of her family members to attend since they stay abroad.

But all flopped after the pair started having arguments.

A close source intimidated to us that when Kisti lost her job at STV in February 2022, she started staying at home with the baby daddy.

Since they were idle, they started quarrels and finally Kisti kicked him out of the rental.

After dumping Mark Asiimwe, Kisti sent her buddy a text, who leaked it.

I guess it ended in tears! There is just some shit I can’t take! We live and we learn, thank you God for this lesson and new chapter #Singleandnotsearching

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