Lwasa Confiscates His car From Vanessa Vanny After Humiliating Him | PHOTOS

October 4, 2022
Vanessa Vanny and Lwasa

Vanessa Vanny and Lwasa

Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi yesterday stormed Vanessa Vanny’s place in Mulungu – Munyonyo and confiscated the car he had given to her.

Lwasa is known for having many cars. When he starts dating, he gifts bae a car but without logbook.

After parting ways, he always takes back his car and he did it on Angel Kwakunda, Kalibatanya, Desire Luzinda among others.

After suffering humiliation of his life on Sunday when Vanessa Vanny ate his money and cancelled introduction ceremony, skirt-loving tycoon stormed Mulungu and confiscated his car from her.

Vanessa Vanny

Trough Facebook post, Lwasa confirmed he got his car back from Vanessa, saying bad girls ‘Miyayu’ deserve Boda Bodas not ACs. He added that Munyonyo girls don’t understand, all they know is sleeping the whole day.

Ekituufu kiri nti motoka yange njifunye. Emiyayu gyetaaga boda si AC. Ebiwala Byemunyonyo tebitegeera bimanyi kusiiba byebase.


Lwasa and Vanessa saga:

After successfully dumping Angel Kwakunda, the Masaka tycoon revealed he was going to visit new bae’s parents on October 29.

Mid last week, he posted his photo with Vanessa Vanny, an ex-girlfriend to John Blaq and Ziza Bafana baby mama, and revealed he was going to visit her parents on Sunday, October 2.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

On Saturday, we received intel that Vanessa Vanny tricked Lwasa got money to buy stuff for the introduction and vanished. An insider intimated to us that the introduction function was not going to take place.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Learning that Vanessa had eaten the money, Lwasa bought other stuff to avoid humiliation but on D-day, Vanessa told the best man that the introduction ceremony had been cancelled.

On top of pocketing 10m for buying stuff, Vanessa took another 20m in disguise for roofing the mum’s house.

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