Lwasa Confused As Vanessa Vanny Vanishes On The Eve Of Introduction

October 2, 2022
Vanessa Vanny and Lwasa

Vanessa Vanny and Lwasa

Word from Mulungu indicates that tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi is confused after Vanessa Vanny switched off her phones and vanished on the eve of introduction day.

Earlier in the week, Lwasa took to Facebook page and confirmed he was going to visit Vanessa Vanny’s parents today, October 2.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

However, according to Gossip king, Mat Tee, yesterday Lwasa started calling Vanessa Vanny but kept on making her phone busy.

Vanessa Vanny

Mat Tee claims that Vanessa tricked Lwasa and got money that she was going to buy all the stuff for the introduction ceremony.

Lwasa and his team stormed Mulungu where Vanessa resides and failed to trace her.

Mat Tee’s post

It should be noted that Vanessa Vanny once dumped baby daddy, Ziza Bafana and John Blaq leaving them heartbroken.

Lwasa on the other hand has nade himself a name as skirt-loving tycoon. He has dated over seven babes in space of four years.

After separating with Desire Luzinda in 2019, Lwasa dated BBS Terefayina presenter, Diana Nabatanzi, Precious Remmie, Kalibatanya, Angel Kwakunda, among many others.

We are digging deep to find out whether Lwasa and his team managed to trace her but he had set today as the official day to visit Vanesaa Vanny’s relatives.

Pray for Lwasa because he has suffered with Kampala slay queens.