Lwasa Brands Weasel Manizo Stupid After Taunting His Ka Stick | VIDEO

December 2, 2022
Weasel Manizo and Lwasa

Weasel Manizo and Lwasa

City skirt-loving champion, Emmanuel Lwasa kaweesi has blasted Good Lyfe Crew star, Douglas Seguya aka Weasel Manizo for taunting him over his ka small stick.

In an interview, Weaseal Manizo told a reporter that he has medication that can help Lwasa’s small ka stick grow.

In response to Weasel’s comments, Lwasa branded ‘Let me say, Let me say yo’ phrase maker stupid before saying he doesn’t know him.


Lwasa sarcastically said he knew the late Mowzey Radio and labelled Weasel a back up’. When told that he is a brother to Jose Chameleone, Lwasa said he knows Chamili but insisted he doesn’t know the Good Lyfe star.

The Masaka tycoon who recently suffered a humiliation of his life after Vanessa Vanny cancelled introduction ceremony on the D-day, revealed that he has landed a new 22-year old babe and ready to marry.

It shpuld be noted that after parting ways with Desire Luzinda, Lwasa has dated BBS TV presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi, Kalibatanya, Angel Kwakunda, Vanessa Vanny among many others.