Levixone, Desire Luzinda Share Introduction Photos, Video

July 25, 2022
Levixone and Desire Luzinda

Levixone and Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda and gospel singer, Sam Lucas Lubyogo aka Levixone have finally shared their photos of their secret introduction ceremony.

On Wednesday, July 13, Desire Luzinda introduced Sam Lucas Lubyogo aka Levixone to her relatives in Katalemwa, Kawanda on Bombo Road.

Levixone and Desire Luzinda
Desire Luzinda

The introduction was so secret and attended by celebrities; Andrew Kyamagero, Ray G, Patrick Salvador and his wife Daphine, Karitas Karisimbi, Pr Wilson Bugembe as well as Pr Bugingo who acted as Levixone’s father and his wife Suzan Makula.

Since the intro took place, netizens have been watching a sneaky video that was leaked by unknown person.

Today, finally Desire Luzinda and Levixone shared some of their introduction photos.

The function was also put in ‘Yoya’ video of Levixone featuring Ray G.

Levixone took a cow to his in-laws but he was asked to bring a dowry of 15 cows.

In January this year, we broke a story how Levixone and Desire were plotting a mega wedding this year.

According to Sweden-based blogger, Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng, Desire and Levixone have been in a secret relationship for almost three years. Peng says Levixone is determined to walk down the aisle with Desire and doesn’t care about her dirty past.

Desire’s fame shoot up in 2014 after her Nigerian lover, Franklin Emobor Ebenhron released her 5D pictures.

Blessed with her hot body, Desire enjoyed life in Kampala and dated tycoons; the late former Lord mayor, El Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, Emmanuel Lwasa, Eng. Ben Missaga among many others.

After parting ways with Lwasa, Desire and her daughter Mitchell Heather Kaddu left Uganda in 2018 and settled in California, USA.

Desire’s relocation happened just so easy because her mother, Imelda Byanyimba Luzinda is a US citizen.

Recently she enrolled for a nursing course and gave her life to christ. She now sings gospel music.

On Saturday, June 5th, 2021, Desire launched her NGO dubbed Desire Luzinda Foundation International (DLFI) at Kampala Serena Hotel. Levixone was among the artists that entertained the guests.

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