Lwasa Bedridden Over Accumulated Loans

April 4, 2024


Reknown business man Lwasa Emmanuel is in the hospital over accumulated debts in hia businesses.

He said ever since his building in Masaka was put on sale, his health detoriated and he has been trying hard to pay it.

Lwasa is known for sleeping around with women because of money. When he gets a woman he invests everything in her and the relationship doesn’t even last longer.

But now the money is gone because the businesses he used to get his money from no longer works.

According to Lwasa when he got issues he contacted president Museveni and he agreed to help him.

He said he was going to pay off the whole debt but the person that was assigned to him hasn’t been communicating.

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Lwasa said those are some of the reasons to why he has been bedridden because he can’t help it anyore by himself.

“I have been bedridden for a few days now and I don’t think i can take it again. President Museveni needs to come out and help me the person he gave me isn’t helping at all,”