Is Baba TV Being Sold To Eddy Kenzo? Here Is The Truth

April 4, 2024

There is rumour that has been going on social media about Jinja based Television station being sold to singer Eddy Kenzo.

The television station has released a statement about it denying being involved in the business deal.

They said the station belongs to the kingdom of Busoga not any individual and there is no way that would even think about selling it.

Recently there was also another rumour I’d Baba TV workers resigning from work because they haven’t been paid for five months.

One of the last talked about her resignation but she didn’t give reasons why she actually resigned.

According to the statement, there is no relationship between them and Eddy Kenzo that could actually lead to selling of the station.

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They asked everyone to stop believing in the rumour that is making rounds on social media.

“Attention all! Rumors swirling about Eddy Kenzo buying Baba TV Uganda are FALSE! Let’s set the record straight: Baba TV is a kingdom-owned TV, and we have NO ties with Kenzo or any intention to sell. Spread the word and stay tuned for authentic,”

It should be noted that different media platforms have actually closed without w clear reason.