Kasuku opens up about his hardest life moments that almost took his life

April 3, 2024

Media personalities Kasuku real name Katende Isaac has opened up about his hardest life moments.

He said he almost took his life because of those moments but he is happy that he managed to survive.

Kasuku is one of the outspoken and vibrant people in the entertainment industry. It wouldn’t be easy for one to identify that he is going through hard times like stress and depression.

But like anyone, he went through all that and he managed to survive by the grace of God.

According to Kasuku, there is a time where things were hard in his life and nothing good was going on.

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He said that left him in a very dark place the only thing he was thinking about is taking his life maybe he would feel better.

He said he tried to speak to people and enough they heard him out and encouraged him on how to live his life.

“I have been in depression and stress at some point of my life and the only thing I was thinking about is taking my life. I am glad I am here very safe but otherwise it would be very hard for me to even survive if I didn’t talk to anyone “