London promoter threatens to sell Zari the Bosslady’s husband Shakib to London sugar mummies

July 1, 2023

London promoter and a friend to Zari the Boss lady has threatened to sell her husband Shakib Lutaaya to London sugar mummies.

This came after the two got a misunderstanding over the money after booking Zari to make an appearance at some events out their.

Zari the Boss lady who is always referring to herself as a millionaire makes money out of her business and her socialite life.

People are always booking her to make appearances and she is paid some huge sums of money.

But this time around she was booked by a friend who offered little money but she decided to still go ahead and do business with her.

On reaching London, things didn’t work out as expected and the promoter started figiting on paying her the money they had agreed.

Zari refused to make an appearance without money in her hands and that because an issue to them.

The promoter became so angry to the extent of releasing audios of their private phone calls exposing Zari and her husband Shakib.

Zari responded to the audios giving her side of the story. But the promoter is not about to give up.

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She said Zari left Shakib in the UK and the lady is still behind his visas. She revealed that if Zari is not serious, she will sell her man to London sugar mummies and will not return to Uganda.

Here is the video: