LINO EGWANGA! Impatient Chaps Eat Themselves In Car Back Seat | VIDEO

Car back seat

Car back seat

Netizens have entered weekend mood early after impatient chaps dropped a video eating themselves in car back seat.

Over the years, its been a habit of Stingy Men Association Uganda (SMAU) Kampala chaps who don’t want to waste dime by booking eateries and end up in car back seats.

Most chaps who don’t want to cough dime are always bursted by jealous askaris in car parking lots while have been found by by-passers on the roadside.

But this is not the case this time. A lucky chap who managed to successful eat without being caught, shared the video and it’s going viral.


We are yet to unidentify the unruly chaps but since the video is out, we guess they will be exposed soon.