Azawi speaks about how she once performed at a concert for Ugx7k

September 27, 2023


Swangz Avenue singer Zawedde Priscilla famously known as Azawi has spoken about how she once performed fo Ugx7k at a concert.

She said it was way before she joined Swangz Avenue as she was hustling through life to make sure ends meet.

Azawi officially joined the music industry in 2019 under the record label Swangz Avenue. She had gone to sell them a song and they ended up seeing her as a talented musician.

Before Swangz Avenue, Azawi was an artiste and a song writer. She was perfoming under some band.

Besides that, she was helping his mother on restaurant business as she couldn’t make enough money through just singing.

That is the time Azawi even performed fot Ugx7k at a concert because they told her she was just having a platform to show off her talent.

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“Life hasn’t been easy for me like the way people think. I have gone through so much to just make ends meet. I know people will not believe it but probably I ever worked for Ugx7k at a concert. I remember the owner told me they were just giving me a platform,” Azawi said

It should be noted that Azawi is one of the most talented musician in Swangz Avenue. She can write and sing at the same time.