Hajjat Kulthum furious with the media, defends cheating husband Acram

October 16, 2023
Acram with Kulthum

Acram with Kulthum

Trending Hajjat Kulthum Nabunya is furious with the media especially Bukedde Television and newspaper as she defends her cheating husband Acram.

This happened after Acram was accused of rape and failing to pay off the money he promised a lady after having an affair with her.

All this drama unfolded when Kulthum was out of the country and Acram was just alone at home.

Acram has been in the media ever since he married Kulthum. He started off in a dramatic way after a lady she was dating accused him of stealing their savings to marry off Kulthum.

Although that was rubbed off, it looks like his fate is still haunting him in his marriage with Kulthum.

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According to Kulthum, she is so tired as she travelled long distance and now Bukedde Television is calling her nond stop for interviews.

She said she doesn’t want anyone to stress her asking for interviews on the things they are not sure about.

Kulthum told the media to go ask the police whatever happened because it looks like they are the ones with the full information about everything.

“Bukedde TV & Bukedde Olupapula stop calling me for interviews. Am resting enyonyi yankoyezza nnyo You are calling a wrong person.May be go and interview police officers but not me ba dear,” Dr Kulthum said