Lady Mariam ‘Tindatine’ Accused Of Chewing Her Sister’s ‘Kyeyo’ Dime | VIDEO

November 16, 2021
Lady Mariam 'Tindatine'

Lady Mariam 'Tindatine'

Singer, Mariam Namukasa aka Lady Mariam of ‘Tindatine’ hit song is being accused of eating her sister’s hard earned ‘Kyeyo’ dime.

In an interview conducted by Rogers Ssebunya of SB4 Media, Kirungi Swabrah pinned Lady Mariam of chewing her 7.5m and she is now chasing her from the house.

Swabrah narrated that while she was in Saudi Arabia on ‘Kyeyo’, her sister, Lady Mariam contacted and informed her that her neighbour in Nalubugo – Mityana Road was selling his house at 27m.

Swabrah said that she did not have the money but instead asked her daughter who is also on ‘kyeyo’ who mobilised 7.5m.

Since they could not raise 27m, Lady Mariam asked them to raise 7.5m which they sent. Unfortunately, she did not buy the house.

SB4 media interviewing Kirungi Swabrah
SB4 media interviewing Kirungi Swabrah

Swabrah revealed that while in Saudi Arabia, she was arrested and deported. Reaching in Uganda, Lady Mariam accommodated her at her house in Nalubugo and told her that she spent 7.5m on Gulu trip to see Gen Salim Saleh.

When Saleh gave her $10,000, her boyfriend, Ivan Mutanga disappeared with it. In order to survive, Tindatine gave Swabrah a bar named ‘Wonder’ in Kireka but flopped due to Covid-19 restrictions.

She has been staying with Lady Mariam since September but now the singer now wants her out of the house.

Lady Mariam 'Tindatine'
Lady Mariam ‘Tindatine’

When SB4 Media contacted Lady Mariam, she told him that she doesn’t know Swabrah, unfortunately she returned home on a Boda Boda only to find him filming the interview and told the rider to speed off.

Swabrah says she and Tindatine are the only children left from their mother’s womb. The mom and dad died.

Watch the interview below:

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