King Saha Refers To Himself As International Artiste

May 14, 2024
King Saha

King Saha

Singer King Saha real name Mansour Ssemanda has referred to himself as an international artiste compared to other Ugandan artistes.

He said people do look down on him yet he is very good and talented like the so called international artistes.

In Uganda, people have been complaining especially artistes about how international artistes are brought to the country and paid so much money.

He said that money should have stayed in Ugandan artiste because they are so much better and there is probably no need of bringing in other artistes.

“I am an international artiste and I want Ugandan promoters to know. The money they give other people especially artistes from other countries they should give it to me,”

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It should be noted that King Saha is one of the outspoken artistes in Uganda. He usually speaks for himself and he fights to be seen as an international artiste.