King Saha blasts Telecom Companies

November 2, 2023
King Saha

King Saha

Artiste Semanda Mansour famously known as King Saha has blasted Ugandan telecom companies.

He said they should stay with their money yet they even get it from work of musicians as they give nothing in return.

This happened after these telecom companies failed to sponsor King Saha in his upcoming concert known as Ebiseera ebyo.

He said he thought they would fight to sponsor him after using most of his work to make money. But the singer didn’t bother to even look for them.

King Saha didn’t write proposals like it is usually done expecting them to come on board like well wishers.

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Unfortunately that didn’t happen and now King Saha is very angry at them. He said he has nothing to do for them but hoping time to work on its own.

“I expected telecom companies to sponsor my show because they feed off my content but they kept silent, they want me to write proposals and turn myself upside down, I’m not going to do that, let them stay with their money,” – King Saha

There has always been an issue between artiste and telecom companies. There is music that is always used by these companies and they don’t pay money for it.

They usually give little money and some artistes are not even given anything in return.