Forget about King Saha! Chris Evans dares Eddy Kenzo for a battle

September 22, 2023

Singer Chris Evans Kaweesa has daed Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo for a music battle.

He said King Saha might get defeated because his voice is not as good as that to win a music battle.

Saha was the first to ask Eddy Kenzo to battle him after Cindy and Sheebah finished battling the other.

Kenzo had said anyone to battle him must book a place outside Uganda because he doesn’t think there is a place he is comfortable with down here in Uganda.

King Saha suggested to take the battle to Ghana but Eddy Kenzo hasn’t responded to him at all.

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Now Chris Evans has also come out to say he is also ready for the battle at any place Eddy Kenzo is comfortable with. He said he has been working on his voice for some years and now it’s time to use it.

“ I want to challenge Eddy Kenzo in a music battle, which King Saha cannot do. I know I am the best and Eddy Kenzo should give me a chance to see what a battle is like,” Chris Evans

It should be noted that Chris Evans always jumps on trends and scandals.