Alien Skin fears jail, pays back promoters money

November 2, 2023
Alien Skin performing

Alien Skin performing

Singer Alien Skin has feared to be put behind bars after he was issued with a document to be sued.

This happened after he failed to show up at a certain even in Mbarara District where he was booked and fully paid in time.

One of the big promoters Balaam Barugahale is the one that posted the document to sue Alien Skin saying he is given just two weeks.

With fear to be arrested, Alien Skin quickly paid back the money but was left with some balance.

Balaam was happy that Alien Skin read the documents and got to know that there are some consequences that come with it.

He urged other musicians to also take Alien Skin as an example and return the promoters money in case they fail to show up.

Alien Skin to face jail any time

It is all about business nothing else and musicians need to know that business is business.

“I would like to thank Mr Kibanda @AlienSkinUg President Fagone Forest for fully refunding the Bwezibwera Event local
Organizing Committe. This is a Proffessional conduct i urgue other Artists to emulate this gesture by always refunding Organizers whenever you fail to appear.Its unfortunate You failed to Perform & yet you had been Paid in full. However with your explanation we Clearly understand the bigger Consideration you got from a well known Selfish source. As a Music & events promoter i promise to do more business with You in future i caution you to be careful with the Selfseekers !!!! ,” Balaam Barugahale posted.