I am in a relationship – Keko clears the air

October 17, 2023


Struggling music rapper Keko has cleared about her relationship status. She said she is actually in a relationship not like what people thought.

Keko had left Uganda six years ago to go further her studies in Canada. She started their up to this year 2023 when she decided to come back.

Keko’s stay in Canada has been surrounded by drama and rumour. In 2021 she filmed herself drinking and using some drugs in her apartment.

People that knew her and where she was staying called the police to go check on her. Ever since then she went silent not until she showed up in Uganda.

Another thing that has been contravertial about her is the love life. There has been rumour that she is the LGBTQ community.

She has personally never come out to talk about her sexuality in public. In Uganda there is no support for the homosexuality.

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The one thing that the singer was clear about is that she is in a relationship and she doesn’t want to disclose hee partner in the public.

“I am currently in a very happy relationship doing so well,” Keko said

Most musicians who move out of the country often don’t come back. They end up starting up families out their and living a very happy life.