Kaye Wisdom Arrested For Beating Up Lanek

August 30, 2021
Afande Lanek being attended to after Kaye Wisdom beating

Afande Lanek being attended to after Kaye Wisdom beating

Motor-mouthed blogger and analayst, Wisdom Kaye has been arrested and later released on bond for kicking the self proclaimed President of the Gospel Musicians in Uganda, Denis Lanek aka Afande Lanek.

When Levixone was promoting ‘Turn the Replay’ concert in 2018, Lanek gave him the Mercedes Benz convertible. At the show, Lanek gifted Levixone the same car. Later Levixone was forced to return it saying that Lanek used it as a tool for Showbiz.

When Levixone returned the car, Lanek gifted it to Kaye Wisdom.

Levixone (L), Kaye Wisdom (R) seated on Mercedes Benz convertible Lanek gifted him

Lanek and Kaye later fell out but efforts to take his car back flopped. They started bickering and every time Kaye would hear anything about Lanek, he would trash and abuse him.

Yesterday, during a live interview at Baba TV, the pair got into a heated verbal exchange which forced Kaye to kick Lanek in the stomach.

Police dragged Kaye to the station but he was later released following the intervention of Baba TV owner, Hon. Moses Balyeku.

Balyeku reconciled the pair and Kaye apologised to Lanek.

Hon. Balyeku (M) reconciling Kaye (L) and Lanek (R)

This is not yet over, Kaye has personal beef with Lanek. Recently he labelled Lanek a ‘Mufere’ and challenged whoever knows what he does to bring proof.