Kato Lubwama’s children disappointed in church for denying their father last prayers

June 13, 2023

Ba mulekwa b'omugenzi Kato Lubwama nga boogerako ei abakungubazi; ali ku muzindaalo ye Sarah Lubwama, asooka ku kkono ye Mutenda, asooka ku ddyo ye Collins Mwambazi Lubwama, amuddiridde mu jacket emmyuufu ne black ye Conrad Ssaabwe Lubwama, , nga boogerako eri abakungubazi, wakayti ye mubaka Muhammad Nsereko owa Kampala Central abadde mukwnao gw'omugenzi

Actor and comedian the late Kato Lubwama’s children are so much disappointed in the Catholic church.

They are not happy with their decision of refusing to pray for the body of their late father.

The Catholic church refused to pray for the body of Kato Lubwama when it arrived home days ago. They claimed that the actor died not a believer and he always talked about it openly.

But Kato Lubwama was born a christian and he was baptised in the church like any other believer.

According to his children’s speech, their father always encouraged them to go church and they were all baptised.

They prayed every Sunday, that’s why they don’t understand why the church couldn’t base on that to burry their father.

His first born even got emotional talking about how disappointed they are and singer Bruno K couldn’t fail to post about it on his social media platforms.

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It is so rare to find a church refusing to burry someone but for Kato Lubwama despite being a public figure, they were clear about it and they couldn’t go against their words.

“Hon Kato’ 1st born has given an emotional speech. She said that her and her siblings have always gone for church service and they where all baptised in church, but it hurts the same church refused to pray for their dad,” Bruno K posted