Kasuku Reveals Bryan White Was Bewitched, Plans To Relocate From Uganda

February 17, 2021

Bryan White

Last year, socialite, Kirumira Bryan aka Bryan White was bedridden and almost died.

Word made rounds that he was faking the sickness in order to attract president Museveni’s attention to bail him out of poverty.

But, his spokesperson, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku revealed that Bryan White was actually bewitched by a rival who did not want him to get close to Sevo.


Kasuku says Bryan White had issues with ulcers but there was something that was gripping him in the stomach every after 20 minutes.

He claims there is something you would see moving in his stomach.

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When they read out numbers to well wishers for help, a Muslim Sheikh from Kireka came and prayed for him.

Kasuku says the Sheikh splashed water on Bryan White’s stomach as he cited verses in Quran. Suddenly the stomach bulged and later went back to normal.

The motor-mouthed gossip guru says Bryan White is somehow okay and he is being attended to by one of the girls that once accused him of sexual assault.

Kasuku disclosed that Bryan White plans to relocate to Tanzania.