Ziza Bafana Advises Spice Diana On How To Go About Her Issues With Jenkins Mukasa 

March 14, 2024

Spice Diana, Manager Roger

Singer Ziza Bafana has advised fellow singer Spice Diana on how to go about her issues with Jenkins Mukasa.

He said she should be careful because she is the one losing in all of these, not his manager and not Jenkins Mukasa.

Ziza Bafana was once signed under the management Source management that is taking Spice Diana at the moment.

It didn’t end well with manager Roger although they met recently and squashed their beef as grown up men.

Days ago Spice Diana with the help of her manager Roger waged war on radio presenter Jenkins Mukasa.

They started abusing him and he also couldn’t keep quiet he responded to them attacking them about their music careers and family.

According to Ziza Bafana, Spice Diana should be careful while engaging in wars with these old men because they have nothing to lose.

He said Spice Diana is very beautiful and she is only one successful, if she continues to engage in fights she will end up losing a lot.

“As an artiste I want to advise Spice Diana to stop those funny funny fights and arguments with old men. They have nothing to lose and she has a lot to lose. She should be careful because her career might end up just because of the fights,” Ziza Bafana