Kaiyz Settles In The US, Shows Off Bae | VIDEO

July 4, 2023
Kaiyz with bae

Kaiyz with bae

Kaiyz real name Isaac Kawalya – the NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossip king has showed off new bae that sponsored his US trip expenses.

Yesterday, we broke a story how Kaiyz disappeared from NBS TV and ran to the US to look for greener pastures.

After settling in, the gossip king did not waste time, he showed off his bae that sponsored his trip and who will be looking after him as he sketches for what to do.

As a clever boy, Kaiyz, clad in a white vest, recorded a video, showing off his new bae to show her that he did not leave any competitor behind.

Kaiyz showing off new bae

This is a clear to his Naguru-Summit based NBS TV bosses that he is gone for good.

According to Jenkins Mukasa, Uganda’s Scofield, felt he was not appreciated in by NBS TV despite his tireless efforts.

He said when he lost his mum, they never gave him time to grieve. He has been working tirelessly but when it comes to salary increment, they overlook him and offer new comers heavy cheques.

Since joining NBS TV four years back, Kaiyz has established himself as one of the top gossip presenters in the country.

His combination with Zahara Totto has made NBS ‘UnCut’ the top gossip show in Uganda.